2018 Product Launch Formula Review and Specs

Product Launch Formula Summary

Online MarketingAs Jeff Walker shows you in Product Launch Formula 2018, you’ll need to look at various ways to get your message across to your niche and potential market.

What ways can you think of?

Well, here are some that Jeff talks about in great detail in Product Launch Formula. Don’t forget to get on Jeff’s list and see him in action.

  • Email
  • Blogs
  • Surveys
  • Special Reports shared with JVs
  • Web-based sales letters
  • Direct Mail
  • Spy Photos/videos
  • Web Video – Full motion
  • Web Video – Screen Capture
  • Live seminars
  • teleseminars
  • Webinars
  • Message boards/Forums
  • Social media – facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter

OK, OK .. so there are a lot of options when it comes to getting your message out there.

Thankfully, Jeff Walker explains them all in great detail in Product Launch Formula course. Knowing your choices is nothing in knowing HOW to use them! Save yourself years of experimentation and “hope marketing” by getting PLF 2018 now.

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Product Launch Formula 2018 course

PLF 2018 – The Best Online Business Course on the Internet

Jeff Walker will show you inside the Product Launch Formula course why perhaps the 6 most important words for your pre-launch content are “I am a lot like you ..”, and more importantly, how to get your launch list thinking that without you ever having to say it! The key to getting a great launch is to make people feel that you know the position you are in, that you’ve been there before … and that you can help them from their current problem position to their ideal solution. There is no need to make things too obvious – hinting is enough and shows you come from a strong position.

Pre-launch content is not just about the technical aspects of filming, editing and posting a video. You really need to know what you’re trying to achieve, and then hit those emotional trigger points in your list. Jeff Walker will show you how to elicit the emotional trigger points and then tap into those.

Without knowing what the point of your pre-launch content is, you can’t create pre-launch content that sells your product. So make sure to buy PLF bonus here if you are serious about building an online business and selling products online.

In Product Launch Formula you’ll also see the various modalities you can send pre-launch content in – and why different methods (from PDF documents to software to videos shot at the beach) are effective in certain situations and how to select the right delivery method for your niche, your list, and their particular problems.

You’ll need to know the technical aspects of creating pre-launch content too – as you’ll often be responding to questions and objections on the fly, so you generally cannot create pre-launch content weeks before the launch. Since you need to create it “on the fly”, you definitely don’t want to waste 24 hours of work to get just 10 minutes of content or video out to your followers. And you certainly don’t want to miss delivering on a piece of content because you were unaware of the technical aspects of each form of content.

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