Joven Kerekes goes Insane

Nowadays an artist isn’t anybody unless he’s an Outsider Artist.
Why not consider putting whatever it is you’re trying to do with your art onto the back burner and make a Big Splash in the Art World instead? You too can reap the fame and bloated bank accounts. You too can live and die in the same sort of dark smelly caravan that all the big insane artists die in.
But how to get started and where to find answers to your many questions. Is it ethical to hire others to pee on your canvases for you? Is it better PR to shoot your girlfriend or to be shot by your girlfriend? These questions and others can be answered by listening to the instructional “Art of the Insane”.
Art of the Insane (mp3s) – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
This parody of TV painting instruction shows was created by Firesign Theater, an American comedy group originally influenced by The Goon Show.
You can view some of Joven’s saner work here

Author: Steve

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