My little Honda 50 illustration

Illustrators Ireland member Eoin Coveney was recently approached by Sony Ireland to produce an illustration to accompany the new single by Christy Moore- “My little Honda 50” – the Client’s concept was to film a time-lapse video of an illustration to accompany the song instead of the usual route of showing stills or other arbitrary imagery…

I first listened to the song several times over and was immediately struck by how clever the lyrics were. This was something with a knowing Irish whimsy- the typical “big fish” story you just know can’t be true and yet, part of you wants to believe it as it’s so charmingly told.I concluded that I wanted to show something (hopefully) of the real rural Ireland rather than the more clichéd urban view of what the country is like. I dispensed early on with the idea of showing Gombeens on scooters or indeed any people (unusually for me) and decided to just go with the bike itself, nestled in a typical country backyard jumble of objects that might build up over years.

The old petrol pump recalled for me a link to old Ireland- plus I’ve always found them to have a very nostalgic tug to them.Once the concept and rough had been okayed by the Client, it was time to figure out how it might work in time lapse. I decided to break it down into 3 parts- first, to draw a rough pencil, then a scanned and printed version of the finished pencil was inked over. Finally, a scan of the finished ink was printed onto bristol board which I then coloured in real-time.The great guys behind the filming and editing them blended the 3 versions seamlessly into the finshed video.


Author: Alé Mercado

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