Peter Donnelly’s Cider Binge*

UK publishers White Light Media have just released the much anticipated Issue 2 of their magazine ‘Hot Rum Cow’. The magazine which creatively uses illustration, celebrates the wonderful world of drinks by exploring the stories and people behind them. Illustrators Ireland member Peter Donnelly was commissioned to illustrate the cover and feature article titled ‘A History of British Cider’.

“Eric Campbell, the creative director pretty much gave me free reign on this project” says Peter, “It fitted in perfectly with my style. I think having that creative freedom and trust really brings out the best in you. They take great care with the design and finish and tend to use the artwork in the best possible way.”

The series of illustrations have already been recognised by Creative Quarterly and you can learn more about the project at the following link.

Great work Peter.

*We’re sure he did not actually go on a Cider binge as research.


Author: Matthew

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